TOP 教室紹介スタッフ・留学生の近況報告No.46 (2017.11)近況報告:What Happens When Table Tennis and Busy Doctors Meet? (Fang先生・免疫班)


No.46 (2017.11)近況報告:What Happens When Table Tennis and Busy Doctors Meet? (Fang先生・免疫班)

Table tennis ball described beautiful curves among the tables. Doctors, normally focusing on both clinical work and academic research, enjoyed the sports’ time. That is what immunology group members showed us on one day of this early fall.


It was indeed a wonderful day. On the morning of November 12 2017, immunology group doctors and their families arrived gym to play table tennis early. Surrounded by family members, playing table tennis seemed more attractive than ever. After some simple warm-up, with the joyful feeling, the First Table Tennis Match of Immunology Group started. The doctors paired off for a round of doubles matches. All participants went all out during the match to get the best result. Finally, through the fierce competition, Dr. Watanabe and Dr. Miyawaki won the champion. After exercise, immunology group members hold the welcome party for overseas student in a Chinese restaurant. The day had come to a successful end among cheerful laughter with the smell of delicious food.


Occasional sports in the busy work-day makes doctors restore and energize the body. This table tennis match not only exercised the body but also enhanced the teamwork. During the next welcome party, doctors and foreigner student shared different culture. More and more emotional contacts deepened China-Japan friendship.                                                                      (written by Fang He)