TOP 教室紹介スタッフ・留学生の近況報告免疫班 お花見


免疫班 お花見

Hello, March; Hello, Cherry Blossom


They say the speed of cherry blossom petals is 5 centimeters per second. Maybe every cherry blossom is a love letter to us written by spring. In 31st March, Immunology group members have a date with spring as in the previous years.


Bright sunshine, warm spring breeze, everything is looking quite promising for the arrival of cherry blossom. After Dr. Haruki determined the location of Ohanami, group members started arriving. Such a lively party of course cannot lack a wild barbecue. Nothing tastes better than a barbecue under the cherry trees. Everyone gets along well with spring.


No matter how long the winter is, spring together with cherry blossom is sure to follow.

let us bloom like a cherry blossom in the following days.


Fang He